Baltic birch plywood is no wonder the most stable option for hardwood floors. First of all, Baltic birch has superior screw holding ability because the core veneers are birch so the screws can bite and hold with 100% of their threads. Secondly, it’s the clean joinery. With no voids between cores, there are no glue starvation and you will get full glue coverage. Thus, you can use it for a long lasting time. Last but not least, its extraordinary strength and stability. Birch grows in the frigid zone which makes its growth cycle longer than other lumbers and with high density.


Our moisture control process is very strict and precise. There are four steps when we do the moisture control on plywood. First of all, logs need to be air dried for several months to release the inner stress after harvest. Secondly, in order to dry the veneers at MC: 8+-2%, We are using a 40 meter oven dryer with high temperature to roll all the thin and soft rotary veneers. Thirdly, the hot press. After veneers are glued to each other, we are going to hot press them and the moisture will be back at a low level of 6-8%. But the only problem is that moisture level on different part of the plywood is not equivalent which leads us to the next step.


Finally, we are going to put veneers into the moisture balance Kiln facility. During this time, each piece of veneer is isolated to ensure the circulation of steam. Based on our experience, we've controlled the moisture rate of the hardwood very well that the flooring can be used stably in most part of the world especially our warehouses locations.


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